The Home & The Edge Of Reality

When talking about the issues facing the Church, and its vibrant emergence in the years to come, the language of community (home) and mystery (the edge) feature prominently.

We want substantial community, friendship, that lasts through joy, sorrow and the aches and pains that only real family goes through. We want longevity with each other, to feel like we’re never alone in the big, bad world, and to feel like we are a part of a much bigger story.

We want mystery, or rather a sense of beauty and wonder in the world that draws us to realities beyond ourselves, and beyond pat answers. We want our eyes to be wide with expectation, and not squinted with skepticism, and to live on the edge of the reality we see and touch and taste.

It seems that questions are the stuff that wonder is made of, and Jesus was as content to be the Greatest Question as he was to be the Greatest Answer. I ask myself daily how well I am nurturing both ends of community and mystery.

Oh; and this morning I’m making french toast for my little guy for breakfast while Momma and the girls are away.

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