Dan’s Twitter Weekly Update for 2010-04-10

  • RT The Author of Life entered the tomb of death, made it a womb of resurrection, and inaugurated New Creation! Rise in beauty! #
  • NEW CREATION Is Here! – http://eepurl.com/n9Fj #
  • RT Easter Saturday means that inside of every struggle is a gift that will only be released by force. #
  • RT Easter Saturday means that inside of every struggle is a gift – that will only be released by force. #
  • A long nightwalk is my Easter Vigil this year. I see Venus in the deep sunset from this vantage point. #
  • Easter Vigil: Orion is just now slowly appearing in the Tennessee sky. The Hunter is my Easter muse. #
  • RT I saw the human train lined up, trillions long and chanting, ‘Someone conquer death.’ ‘Turn’ I said, ‘and see the risen Man.’ #
  • RT @DanWilt Best man/bear fight video ever – it pays to have a 14 year old son. You’ll cry laughing. http://bit.ly/YbVs3 #
  • RT You have one life to live. Do not squander it in physical anaesthesia – make it count for the good of us all. #
  • Visiting the halls of Peace, I sat and feasted at the table of my Host. #
  • RT Whispers of New Creation, all around; the trees, the birds the wind find their voice, woo us toward the Day of Awakening. #
  • Live Spiritual Formation Call with E. Stanley Jones and The Habit Of Reading starting in 10 minutes… http://bit.ly/cuRBd2 #
  • Looking forward to our live online Breakout call today – The Life To Life Exchange: Mentoring Worship Leaders – http://bit.ly/cuRBd2 #
  • RT Bridge the gap for someone today. They may not be able to span the length of the expanse, but you can add yourself. #
  • RT @donmilleris What Women Really Need From Men http://bit.ly/d4NQLT #
  • RT @donmilleris Singer/Songwriter Derek Webb to Co-host ABC’s The View in June http://bit.ly/dwRJQM #
  • RT It’s like Facebook for Worship Leaders, Teams and Artists – The WorshipTraining Cafe is born – join FREE. http://bit.ly/c3pXy0 #
  • In the Sudekum Planetarium with my nova-tastic son. Star mysteries and thoughtful inquiry are loves we share. http://twitpic.com/1ed0eo #

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