Dan’s Twitter Weekly Update for 2010-04-10

  • RT The Author of Life entered the tomb of death, made it a womb of resurrection, and inaugurated New Creation! Rise in beauty! #
  • NEW CREATION Is Here! – http://eepurl.com/n9Fj #
  • RT Easter Saturday means that inside of every struggle is a gift that will only be released by force. #
  • RT Easter Saturday means that inside of every struggle is a gift – that will only be released by force. #
  • A long nightwalk is my Easter Vigil this year. I see Venus in the deep sunset from this vantage point. #
  • Easter Vigil: Orion is just now slowly appearing in the Tennessee sky. The Hunter is my Easter muse. #
  • RT I saw the human train lined up, trillions long and chanting, ‘Someone conquer death.’ ‘Turn’ I said, ‘and see the risen Man.’ #
  • RT @DanWilt Best man/bear fight video ever – it pays to have a 14 year old son. You’ll cry laughing. http://bit.ly/YbVs3 #
  • RT You have one life to live. Do not squander it in physical anaesthesia – make it count for the good of us all. #
  • Visiting the halls of Peace, I sat and feasted at the table of my Host. #
  • RT Whispers of New Creation, all around; the trees, the birds the wind find their voice, woo us toward the Day of Awakening. #
  • Live Spiritual Formation Call with E. Stanley Jones and The Habit Of Reading starting in 10 minutes… http://bit.ly/cuRBd2 #
  • Looking forward to our live online Breakout call today – The Life To Life Exchange: Mentoring Worship Leaders – http://bit.ly/cuRBd2 #
  • RT Bridge the gap for someone today. They may not be able to span the length of the expanse, but you can add yourself. #
  • RT @donmilleris What Women Really Need From Men http://bit.ly/d4NQLT #
  • RT @donmilleris Singer/Songwriter Derek Webb to Co-host ABC’s The View in June http://bit.ly/dwRJQM #
  • RT It’s like Facebook for Worship Leaders, Teams and Artists – The WorshipTraining Cafe is born – join FREE. http://bit.ly/c3pXy0 #
  • In the Sudekum Planetarium with my nova-tastic son. Star mysteries and thoughtful inquiry are loves we share. http://twitpic.com/1ed0eo #


Sheltering Mercy: Prayers Inspired by the Psalms

Sheltering Mercy, along with its companion volume, Endless Grace, helps us rediscover the rich treasures of the Psalms—through free-verse prayer renderings of their poems and hymns—as a guide to personal devotion and meditation.

The church has always used the Psalms as part of its prayer life, and they have inspired countless other prayers. This book contains 75 prayers drawn from Psalms 1-75, providing lyrical sketches of what authors Ryan Smith and Dan Wilt have seen, heard, and felt while sojourning in the Psalms. Each prayer is a response to the Psalms written in harmony with Scripture. These prayers help us quiet our hearts before God and welcome us into a safe place amid the storms of life.

This artful, poetic, and classic devotional book features compelling custom illustrations and foil-stamped hardcover binding, offering a fresh way to reflect on and pray the Psalms.