DownUnder: Hearing The Worshipping Voice Of Australia

Right now I’m in the Bangor, Maine airport with my beautiful wife headed to Australia. Sadly, my dulcimer must remain at home, and of course, my beautiful family as well.

We will spending a week with great friend Di Hocking and the Australian Vineyard community’s worship leaders. I deeply believe that our time together will be pivotal in many ways – feasting on friendship, reflecting on formative ideas for worship leaders and faith communities that have chosen the flaming path of worship, and enjoying the beauty of God’s work among us and around us.

In many years of travel, there is always a warm fondness in me for Australia and New Zealand – it feels like a gifted relationship with the Body of Christ there, and it also may be because the magnetic pull on the metals in my body is… different.

Pray for our time, blogging friends, if you would be so kind. Any comments or words of encouragement would be welcome. I take us all with me when I go.

I love the global learning community that we are forging!

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