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danI’m at SoulFest 09 here with thousands of friends from around the country. We’re having a blast.

Here is our free enews, as I promised. It’s a gift of resources to you and your local worship life such as:

  • Free Live Calls (interactive) with worship leaders, worshippers and musicians around the world
  • Friends of such as TIM HUGHES, BRIAN DOERKSEN, BRENTON BROWN and many others in live calls.
  • Free Articles and Devotionals related to Spiritual Formation, Worship Theology, Practical Skills and more!
  • Free Tools for Your Own Worship Life
  • Updates on our innovative and life-chaning Online University Programs such as The Essentials Course.

Sign up yourself, your worship leaders, musicians, pastors, artists and others who care deeply about worship.

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That’s what we do. Join our international learning community of friendship today.

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