Friends And The Gift Of Years

front-st-brendanThis morning I had the privilege of sharing on Spiritual Formation (the Elemental Leader) with a group of about 12 people at Dominion Hill’s Five Star Pastors Retreat.

In that group, are many who I count as great friends over the years of my own journey of faith. I could barely speak, seeing in their eyes the years of faithfulness, worship, hope and life-giving that mark their worlds.

If the Spirit of God gives one the gift of speaking to, ministering to, one’s friends – then one should regard the moment as one of the most priceless treasures a lifetime can hold.

I felt my soul rising and falling with theirs as we reflected on the movements of the soul according to Ignatius, the necessity of penetrating deep into the Scriptures according to Madame Guyon, and the revery we must take in the mundane according to Chesterton.

The visions of the Elemental Leader flashed in our eyes, as we seek to emulate Jesus – by the strength of his Spirit within. What a privilege. We share years of our story – we reclaim then when we embrace again.

In this one life to live, enjoy your friends, and the gift of years that keeps you connected deep in the soul.

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