Envisioning The Future: We Are Moving To Nashville, USA

Envisioning the future, truly seeing beyond the moment in which we find ourselves, is the work of seers, not your average joe or josephine.

We see in part, we hope, we tend to details, but always stirring in a healthy dose of unknown, unpredictable, and spiritual mist.

It is when we step toward the future, with a preferred vision for it, that our prayers are fueled, our worship is passionate and our hope is lit aflame by desperation.

For all of you friends around the world reading this, I am pleased and energized to announce that my family and I are moving to Nashville, TN, USA next week.

In short, we are returning to places where many of our extended family lives, regaining US residency for all of our children, and I will be working with Kim Gentes (WorshipTeam.com and WorshipMusic.com) to launch something very exciting for the spiritual formation and development of the worshipping Church.

In many ways, I believe it will be the fulfillment of that which I have had in my heart all along for the worshipping Church for most of my adult life.

Let the anticipation build, in my mind, it is really that good, and you will be a vital part of a community of worship leaders, musicians, worshippers desiring spiritual formation, artists, and pastoral leaders are at the center.

Let it simmer… and more will be revealed next post.

My blogging will become more regular in the weeks to come – and I apologize for infrequent posts and less “reflection” than normal. This will now be remedied.

I encourage you to follow my daily reflections on Twitter at www.twitter.com/DanWilt as we go through the move.

Envisioning the future is a partnership – with God, one’s family and friends, and one’s spirit listening to His whispers ahead.

Onward, forward, and Godward we go,


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