The Spirit And The Saints: Our Move

When we say “the Spirit of God is our strength,” it is true, and we are moved by this truth in reality. When all heaven and hell breaks loose, we find strength in God.

Yet, the Scriptures do not stop there, and neither should we. The Spirit does not only act through our own hearts, isolated from others.

The Spirit acts through Community. When our own hearts fail us, and we cannot hear God, feel God, nor find ourselves strengthened by means of prayer or worship, then something else happens.

If we’ve built Community, Community then turns and builds us. The Spirit and the Saints are necessary to complete this journey well, whole, and in the image of Christ.

Our friends here in St. Stephen have carried us through what wins as the single most stressful time of our lives. On every level, friends have come out of the woodwork to celebrate us, restore us, re-story us, call the city for moving truck permissions to drive over curbs, quicken a full half-house renovation for sale of our home, bring us food, dismantle beds, give us a bed to sleep in, give us perspective, give us vision and encouragement, and care for our children.

While I didn’t name four-hundred and sixty-two other things, this is the way we have discovered our great need for the Spirit and the Saints.

Join the movement.

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