In For A Landing: How Worship Grounds Us In The Familiar

front-st-brendanAs my family and I “land” in a new place, in a new community, in a new (old) country, I am struck again by the gift of worship.

Eight songs have lingered in my soul throughout the stress of our new move. Some of them are contemporary worship songs, and have become my prayers for my wife and children. Others are old hymns, that have strengthened me in my resolve to honor God in the face of tremendous stress. Others have been new songs born in my heart – I may share those with you someday.

Those expressions of worship have become a place to which I have gone, over and over again, though the terrain all around me has changed. Late nights pacing through a disheveled house, early mornings waking to more stress than the night before, have compelled me to sing, to sing, to sing my prayers and to find a familiar place beyond the turbulent place in which I find myself.

My God is mysterious, but familiar. When I worship, in lighting my candle or in singing a scripture, I am home again. I lock in, I land, I rest – if only for a moment.

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