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Weekly Encouragements To Share With Your Team

52 Best Practices For Worship Leaders & Teams is a free download I created to give you weekly, short, portable team encouragements that will fuel your worship life together. The download is free, and I hope this tool encourages you and your team. As well, on occasion, I’ll send other free tools to your inbox. Cheering you on, and I’d love to hear if it helps, Dan.

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8 thoughts on “FREE DOWNLOAD: 52 Best Practices For Worship Leaders & Teams

  1. You want me to enter my email and name to download, but when I do it says I’m already subscribed. So how do I download? Thanks.

  2. Timothy and Jay,

    You must already be on my Worship Resource list, i.e. It’s for new subscribers. I’ll send the PDF to the list you’re already on within the week, so watch for it (and make sure it’s not going into junk mail).



  3. I assumed it would be an instant download. I did not receive an email. I came back on and signed up again in case it had failed to enroll me, and it said there was already an account with my email. It did atuomatically send me an email that said “We received a request to change your subscription preferences for Dan Wilt Worship Resources.” So how do I get the download?