Sam Yoder | Erica Sharlow | Dan Wilt – “In Your Arms” (Writing Session Video)

Intimacy with God is often found in the midst of our greatest pain and suffering. And it’s then that we need simple songs that can give us words to pray when words fail us. This collaboration gives language to the heart looking for a place of intimacy and rest – in the arms of the Father.

In Your Arms
Sam Yoder | Erica Sharlow | Dan Wilt

| Verse 1 |
Peace, God of peace
You wrap me in your jealous arms
Near, you hold me near
You walk me through the great unknown
| Prechorus |
God, my heart rests in you (2x)
| Chorus |
In your arms
I where I belong
Your love is my everything
In your arms
I’m weak but you’re strong
Your grace is enough for me
| Verse 2 |
Joy, God of joy
You turn all my loss to gain
Trust, I will trust
There could be no other way
| Bridge |
Neither death nor life
Could separate me from your loving arms
There are no depths nor heights
That reach beyond your
Your everlasting arms


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Sam YoderSam Yoder was born into an Amish family of six children, and his parents led their children out of the Amish after having encountered the extravagant goodness of God in Jesus. In college, Sam recalls walking into the local Vineyard Christian Fellowship and hearing the Holy Spirit say, “These are your people.” He, his wife Tiffanee, and two daughters reside in Campbellsville, KY where he works as a Chiropractor, rides motorcycles, and writes songs.

Erica Sharlow grew up a pastor’s kid from Central Kentucky. She discovered her passion for writing songs after her family began attending Vineyard Campbellsville 8 years ago. She is a worship leader and currently in nursing school. She is married to Jeremy and has two children, Baylee and Lincoln.

Dan WiltDan Wilt grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, searching for the shimmering truth behind everyday life. After encounters with Christ in high school and college, Dan devoted his life to loving, and being loved by, Jesus. He studied Philosophy and Religion, and became a worship leader, songwriter, professor, and pastor in the Vineyard (see Vineyard Worship). Dan and his wife Anita have three adult children, and live in Thompson’s Station, TN. They attend the Franklin Vineyard in TN.


SY: In Your Arms is the best type of collaborative song. It was written out of friendship, without force or awkwardness, in response to God’s enduring and tender faithfulness. It came to us in starts and stops, quite a few silly blunders, a handful of surprising successes, and of course barrels of laughter.

I’d say my favorite moment followed our decision, with Dan’s insightful encouragement, to make the rather lengthy and wordy pre-chorus I had penned the bridge. He suggested we attempt writing a more simple, concise pre-chorus. So Erica and I spoke over the phone about this and we decided she would attempt to write a melody for the phrase “God, my heart rests in you.”

The next morning I opened my email and clicked on her voice memo. My eyes got misty and I laughed and cheered when I heard this beautiful, perfect melody for the phrase that sums up this song so well. “Gold,” I thought, “Erica has struck gold on this one.” I immediately knew that this pre-chorus would find itself being sung spontaneously at various junctions in the song, at the beginning, the ending, or any place you get the urge. It loops perfectly. I’m gonna sing it right now!

ES: In Your Arms is a song that is very close to my heart. The lyrics are a sweet reminder of how we are welcomed so graciously into the arms of a kind Father. There’s a safety here that silences the noise from a hectic life. Perhaps my favorite lyric comes from the bridge written by Sam. “Neither death nor life can separate me from Your loving arms.” What a promise! Every time I lead this song and get to the bridge I am overcome with joy and thankfulness for this promise. No matter what life circumstances come my way, I have a place in my Father’s arms. I pray that this song is an encouragement to you. May you feel the peace of God and find rest in His arms.

DW: When I first heard In Your Arms, I knew it was a gift both to me and to the Church. As a worship leader, I long to have songs that work in intimate worship, or in ministry time, or at a funeral or other moment where a heart can be vulnerable before the Lord. This song is that, and I intuited need to shift some parts around to optimize it’s powerful melody and lyrics for corporate worship.


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