Free Webinar: How To Lead A Great Band Rehearsal

As we’ve talked to worship leaders around the world, one practical theme emerges when we ask them “What kind of training resources do you need?”

Worship leaders want practical lessons on how to run a rehearsal, get team members to show up on time or how to maintain a consistent practice time.

We’ll keep doing all we can to resource those needs. One way we do this is through our Webinars. These are live calls, offered a few times per month, where you can just sit at your computer live and listen in while a trainer presents a visual on your screen.

Our next one, coming up, is a high demand training item. We invite you to join us if you – and if not live, just register and you’ll be sent the MP3 later.

How do you lead an effective worship rehearsal that covers the ground of getting through the music, starts and finishes on time, and energizes the musicians and techs? Join this free webinar for tips on how to pull off that dream rehearsal – on a regular basis. With Guest Dan Wilt.

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