Lessons With Saint Patrick For Christ Followers Today

Lessons From Saint. Patrick for Christ Followers Today
By Dan Wilt

1. Draw Diagrams With Druids

Patrick met people and their worldviews where they were, and led them to consider a new possibility. The story is told of how Patrick, on a sandy beach, dialogued with 3 Druid priests about their worldview.

With a stick, Patrick drew a circle in the sand, and put a cross through it’s middle. From here, he suggested that there might be an entirely fresh narrative lens through which reality could be seen – the Gospel.

He walked to the sure, from right where they were.

2. Scribe Symbols With The Sun

Patrick used the symbol of the sun and embedded the cross within it, to create some level of familiarity for his sun-worshipping listeners. He built bridges with familiar symbols.

Patrick was not afraid of culture, nor did he see it only as an enemy to be faced. He saw culture pointing (sometimes dimly) to God’s great Story, studied culture like a textbook, and leveraged it to proclaim human freedom in Christ.

He pointed his shoe toward what they knew.

3. Pen Prayers With Poetry

Patrick’s most famous prayer is the Lorica, otherwise known as “St. Patrick’s Breastplate.”

His “Christ within me, Christ behind me, Christ before me” rhythms and repetitions have captured the imaginations and faith of millions across the centuries.

He embodied faith in art, and in doing so, still disciples Christians today with truthful words and inspires them with Trinitarian confidence.

He led with his art to access the heart.

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