FY100: Personal Worship Experience

These posts (that start with FY100) on my blog pertain directly to the students in the course FY100: Leadership In Contemporary Worship Practice at St. Stephen’s University. From anywhere you are in the world, feel free to jump in and join our class conversation.

We have an excellent class of passionate young leaders, musicians, artists and worship leaders. We’re going to have a blast learning and growing together.

There are approximately 11 students, and we began our work worshiping together, getting to know each other, reviewing the FY100 Syllabus, detailing the course work and resource media, and listening to Matt Redman, Brian Doerksen and Kathryn Scott (all via video) speak of their personal journey into contemporary worship leadership.

Our first InResponse question, to be posted by the students by next Friday on this post, is:

“What did you love and hate, find helpful and unhelpful, about your own worship experiences through your faith journey to date?”

Answers will be posted by Friday. Click “Comment” below, and dive in. We welcome others outside of the class to join the conversation.

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