We’re Loading In The Wood…

Tonight my entire family joined me in our rough rubble basement, where we loaded in our winter wood for the upcoming season, and stacked it into massive wood walls.

With Garrison Keillor and Prairie Home Companion playing in the background, we spontaneously broke from our work and began a line dance to some down home fiddle playing.

My youngest (Ben, 9) couldn’t contain his exhuberance. Britney Spears would be shocked at the dance moves we witnessed from him during our impromptu, lower level barn dance.

It is in the moments where work and play become indistinguishable that we grow together as community.

When laughter and playfulness can meet meet labor and stress head on, there is an ease to the processes of living, dying and the expending our energies.

Community can make the largest tasks bearable, because we get to do them together.

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