Heaven and Resurrection: Dinner Now Means Something

When we begin to uncover the true mystery of resurrection, we find a God who is interested in the physical world being made new.

It is vital for the 21st century Church to recover an abiding awareness of God’s creation of both heaven and earth in Genesis 1.

Heaven is where God dwells – another plane, another side of this reality in which we find ourselves.

Earth is where we dwell – a world of sense and time, of color and texture, of atoms and galaxies.

An invisible world, and an invisible world, intersect around us in every given moment. We see and we do not see – but our spiritual perceptions lift the veil and help us to linger in what the Celts called a “thin place,” a place where heaven and earth seem very close to one another.

Earth, intermingled with Heaven, is the original Edenic model. In this interlacing, all things become sacred, all things take on vibrant spiritual meaning.

Resurrection means that the visible repercusses with power and actions made by God in the invisible. Resurrection means that God acted in such a way that imbues your physical world with meaning.

Resurrection means that dinner you ate has meaning, as does the cash you handle, the watch you wear, and the eyes you meet.

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