In This Hope: Breathing For Haiti

in this hope
breathing for haiti

It is in this cloud, we find ourselves;

smelling the dead and wondering why

there were rocks and homes and lives that moved

from stable places to dark below

It is in this fray, we find ourselves;

hurrying to aid you, poor as we are

hoping we can feed you, water you, breathe for you

before you suffocate from pain

It is in this hope, some, we live;

that our best efforts, prayers and acts

are fragrant air in worlds unseen

and delivering all a new tomorrow.

In this hope, we breathe for you;

we your family, your lungs tired

we will take in our rich oxygen

and fill your lungs if we can.

Dan Wilt
In honor of those who died, and those who live, in Haiti
Jan. 15, 2010

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