InResponse: Kathryn Scott & Imago Dei

Today, our FY100 students engaged with Kathryn Scott via video chat (iChat), as she and her 6 interns met with us and our 15 students. We shared in small group sessions, and as usual, Kathryn led us in a rich time of soul searching as lead worshipers.

Her topic was The Motivation Of The Worship Leader, and we opened up our souls to examining the motives the lead us as we care, lead, create, serve and challenge others. It was a wonderful session, and Kathryn’s humility and wisdom shines through into the hearts of students on both sides of the Atlantic.

As well, we looked into the basic foundations of Christian worship, tapping into the creative impulse of God in Genesis 1, resulting not only in the created order, but also in the flower of creation – humankind.

This week our students respond in 250 words or so, how they interacted with the ideas presented today, and the experience of shared learning with our Northern Irish friends.

If you’re not in the class, feel free to interact with our students.

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