The Power Of Asymmetry

Does it need to be lined up? What if we made one side one way, and the other side another – congruous and connected, yet unique from two different vantage points.

Asymmetry is apparently very useful in the biological world – a fiddler crab has one big claw, and one small claw, for unique tasks. The human face is different on every human being on the left and right side, a human lung is bigger on the left side than the right to make room for the asymmetrical heart, and so on.

The following car design premiered in Frankfurt (I’m no big car fan, I add) is one of the first asymmetrical vehicle designs I’ve seen (though it’s simply cosmetic in the front), and it feels as though it provides a simple metaphor for the Church.

We don’t need to all line up like a fine row of chess pawns. It is more than okay, even preferred, that we look different from different angles, that we are actually different from different angles, and yet are clearly a part of the same whole.

Asymmetrical Car Design.


Sheltering Mercy: Prayers Inspired by the Psalms

Sheltering Mercy, along with its companion volume, Endless Grace, helps us rediscover the rich treasures of the Psalms—through free-verse prayer renderings of their poems and hymns—as a guide to personal devotion and meditation.

The church has always used the Psalms as part of its prayer life, and they have inspired countless other prayers. This book contains 75 prayers drawn from Psalms 1-75, providing lyrical sketches of what authors Ryan Smith and Dan Wilt have seen, heard, and felt while sojourning in the Psalms. Each prayer is a response to the Psalms written in harmony with Scripture. These prayers help us quiet our hearts before God and welcome us into a safe place amid the storms of life.

This artful, poetic, and classic devotional book features compelling custom illustrations and foil-stamped hardcover binding, offering a fresh way to reflect on and pray the Psalms.