Institute Masters By Module Begins

We’ve just launched into our Institute Masters Module program here at SSU, with 3 Institute grad students and many others in the wider SSU Masters by Module program.

We’d welcome your prayers, even as you read this post, as we dive into the riches of history, biblical study, theology, creativity and much more.

These guys have families at home they are apart from, so your prayers for a strong 2 weeks for them and their loved ones would be great.

Our studies this module focus on writings from the Reformation to today, and wider theological, biblical and cultural studies. It’s a fascinating journey as well, considering the thinking, feeling and creative of the musicians and artist-orators of that period in Western history (only one small slice of world history on the planet). We move into the issues of slavery, and the precipitants (for the Institute students) of the modern musical expressions alive in the culture and the Church.

We live, love, create and serve in a context, these kinds of studies remind us.

Join the movement.

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