HangDrums: PercussionLife

This is sent to me by good friend and fine young artist, Jay Darrow.

Rarely has an instrument intrigued me as much as my glorious hammered dulcimer. This instrument, pronounced “hung drum”, but spelled HangDrum, moves me.

On a side note, at the Deeper Youth Conference in Saint John last week, during my talk we broke into a Stomp-like exercise. Rhythms cascading into rhythms, that’s what it was, until human voices began to join the frolicking – then it got serious!

What a blast. This sound is lovely – similar to the qualities of “percussion meets melody” that come from the hammered dulcimer. Thanks for putting us onto this, Jay.

Anyone know where I can get about 3 of these for the Institute?

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9 thoughts on “HangDrums: PercussionLife

  1. Since sending you those videos last night I’ve been doing my research
    on how to get your hands on one of these instruments. Turns out that a
    couple of guys in Switzerland — Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer —
    design and produce the hang themselves through their small company
    called “Pan Art”… In order to get one, you have to mail them, and wait for a handwritten response then you set up a time when you can come over (to Switzerland) and select a drum with the notes that you’d like, since they don’t ship them due to such high demand. They
    run for about US$500, though there is one on E-bay right now for about

    They are extremely rare, but I really want one, and I’m sure you do as well!

    I hope this information helps, its all I could find really.

  2. Beautiful! They look (and sound) to be an inverted steel drums. I have googled and only have information and videos – no stores… a mystery. Not one for me to solve though as I should be reading… :[

  3. okay, last bit of info – manufacturer in Germany:

    PANArt Hangbau AG
    Engehaldenstr. 131
    3012 Bern/Switzerland
    Phone international: +41 31 301 33 32
    i.e. from US/CDN: 01141 31 301 33 32
    i.e. from other countries: 0041 31 301 33 32

    E-Mail: info@hang.ch