World’s Oldest Painting (and More)

I’m always interested in the topic of human origins, as I believe that so many of our ideas about worship have to do with basic and primal instincts woven into the human person.

The biblical story suggests these primal instincts are “bent” (Francis Shaeffer), and I contend there is much to learn from the fields of anthropology and archaeology about the origins of worship.

Here are two articles of interest,

The first claims to have found the world’s oldest painting (on a wall in Syria).

The second is from an evolutionist suggesting that human beings were never “knuckle-draggers,” based on physiological evidence from remains.

My inclusion of these articles is not meant to be an endorsement of their findings, nor a statement of affirming belief in the worldview (or even our most advanced dating techniques) that accompany.

I include these simply out of my ongoing love for, and interest in, the passionate search for human origins in our scientific community.

World’s Oldest Painting

Human Ancestors Walked Upright, Study Claims News

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