Introducing: Peter Rollins

I’m introducing Peter Rollins here. Peter’s bio from his blog is below, so I’ll let him speak for himself.

Peter Rollins Blog

It’s an almost impossible task to describe oneself with any degree of accuracy or honesty. Who we are changes over time and also in relation to our context. On top of that we rarely have enough insight into ourselves to know what really drives us.

Perhaps it would be more honest for me to ask my friends and colleagues to pen this section, for at least they would be able to cast a more honest glance in my direction. However I know them well enough to avoid such a dangerous endeavour. Instead I will hide behind the usual mundane details of my life and tell you about my primary interests.

I currently spend much of my time as a writer, public speaker, lecturer and co-ordinator of the experimental collective Ikon ( Together these diverse activities ensure that I have the privilege of engaging in that difficult job of marrying activism with theory, the public square with the academy. A difficult marriage no doubt, but one which continues to provide a context for revolutionary action to be born.

My primary academic training took place at Queen’s University, Belfast ( where I graduated with a BA Hons in Scholastic philosophy, an MA in political theory and social criticism and a PhD dealing with post-secular religious theory.

My primary philosophical interests lie in the area of continental philosophy of religion, phenomenology and post-modernism. I also lecture in areas of moral theory, philosophical theology, mysticism and Existentialism. However my passion is to render the academic discourse accessible, interesting and useful to faith collectives. As such I travel frequently throughout the United States and Europe speaking at various churches, conferences (both youth and adult) and universities. If you would like to chat about booking me for a talk or series of talks please email Alyson McElroy.

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