Masters Module – The Middle Ages

We’re in our next Masters module here, in full swing. Worship leaders, artists and pastoral influencers from different streams gathered in one place, with great food, great interactions and 3 Voice Learning.

Our focus is from Gregory The Great to Thomas a’Kempis this run, and artist Andrew Smith is our special guest.

Today – Walking On Water by Madeliene L’Engel gives foundations for Andrew’s chats on the role of the creative artist in culture.

Must away now – busy day. Just an update on why I’m so invisible in recent blogging!

Coming soon, a vid blog on my trip to Washington DC on “Art And Corporate Memory.”

We welcome your prayers for us.

P.S. If you haven’t watched it recently, The Kingdom Of Heaven (10% Middle Ages, 90% Hollywood) is a good recall of the crusades – even if 21st century attitudes and agendas cover over a true sense of the Middle Ages.

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