A Liminal Locus: On Threshold Places

I’m working right now on a piece entitled Liminal Locus: On Threshold Places, (liminal = liminus = threshold; local = locus = place) that addresses the reality that while all space can become a threshold of encounter with God, there is a reality evident in all spiritual history that places carry history, significance and even theological importance.

For now, I believe in spaces that are “set apart” for certain activities, one of which is the intentional expression of worship through symbolic action, shared encounter and community engagement. However, I do not believe in the concept that all “sacred spaces” and “non-sacred spaces” should be utterly disconnected.

Platonic dualism in Western civilization (and theology) has corrupted our ability to see all of life, and human activity, as a forum for sacred activity. I.e. The ground underneath our feet is holy as we walk with God – but some ground is designated specifically for encounter with God (i.e. Jesus and the Temple – “My house shall be called a house of prayer….”).

Just seeding the thought, for input as I move ahead with the idea.

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