Live Podcast With Derek Morphew

This week the Institute is hosting a live podcast interview with South African theologue and scholar Derek Morphew. Derek has just finished a book dealing with the gender issues that still challenge the Church, called DIFFERENT BUT EQUAL: GOING BEYOND THE COMPLIMENTARIAN/EGALITARIAN DEBATE.

His other books deal with the influence of Gnosticism in the contemporary worldview (Christian and otherwise), and role of the Kingdom theology in the mission life of the 21st century Church.

Derek is not only a brilliant scholar and accomplished communicator, but he is also a dear friend and a lover of the finest of wines. I had the privilege of sitting on an expansive porch with him at Dominion Hill today, where we do our Institute work. We chatted about many things, and I was drawn again to his deep, childlike, love of God and His intervening activity on planet earth.

Such a warm man, and helpful soul on this journey. I hope you can tune in when we post the podcast. If only for his lovely accent, join the fun.

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