Q: Church & Culture Event

Now, here we have an event that is well worth going to. It’s a Church/culture event focused on examining future trends and the followership of Christ. Wired Magazine co-founder, Kevin Kelly, CNN and others are involved.

Q Event.

Here’s their blurb from the “Questions” part of the site:

Questions create dialogue and fuel creativity. This is the essence behind Q. In the spirit of the European education system we will create an environment where honest questions can be asked, debated, argued and discussed. We will not provide answers, but rather allow the attendee to draw conclusions and discover based on his or her own experience, theological underpinnings, cultural context, dialogue and learning.

A few questions that may be explored …

* What are the major social and environmental issues coming over the next 10 years and how can the church take a leading role?
* Am I cultured? Can I recognize good, truth and beauty in our culture?
* What role does news and media play in shaping the future generation’s views of life, humanity and religion?
* How can we change the negative perceptions of Christianity in our culture?
* What are some of the new ways the Gospel is being expressed in our culture?
* What are the essentials we must hold onto when leading a church in a post-Christian environment?
* How do I respond to homosexuals in the local church and community?
* What are our responsibilities to confront injustice to humanity locally and internationally?
* How does globalization affect the culture and the local church?
* What can we learn from history about how the church has shaped culture over the last 2000 years?

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