What Your Girlfriend Needs From You

Your girlfriend needs a few things from you if this relationship is to grow stronger and stronger. Here are just a few of them to consider.

Relationships are like flowers – if you water them, tend them, weed them, and treat them with kindness and care, they will grow. On the other hand, if you starve them, handle them roughly, turn your attention from them, and stop treating them with respect, they will wither and die.

A woman needs you to become something special in here life – a knight in shining armor. Here are just a few things you can give her that she needs.

  • Give her respect – she’s a human being made in the image of God, and should be treated like a princess
  • Give her your ear – women need to be listened to, and to hear back what they are saying so they know you care
  • Give her your best – if there’s an area in your life she finds troubling, start working on it; she deserves it
  • Give her your kindness – there is no stronger relationship builder than kind words and a gentle touch
  • Give her your restraint – your needs are not paramount her; what she needs is – become selfless and serve her
  • Give her your time – lift your eyes from your phone; she needs to be the most important person in the room
  • Give her your honesty – don’t hold back the deepest parts of who you are; she deserves to be let in
  • Give her your laughter – she needs to laugh, and enjoy life; help her to that
  • Give her your creativity – surprise her on a regular basis with gifts she finds meaningful
  • Give her your prayers – God has a plan for her life, as well as yours together; become a praying man
  • Give her your words – become a writer, of cards, of notes, of texts that lift her and make her better
  • Give her encouragement – life is hard; use all at your disposal to see her head up, enjoying who she is
  • Give her your friendship – she needs a friend, who is emotionally healthy and an inspiration to her
  • Give her some space – she needs space to explore who she is; give her room to grow and encourage her

Find what moves her, what makes her thrive, and what makes her smile – and spend your time becoming the best friend she has. That, my friend, will last a lifetime.

Dan +

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