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Monday, August 3, 2020


The other day I heard a worship leader lamenting the losses that the Covid-worship-reality has brought our way.

My spirit leapt inside me, and the following words formed in my mind – both for me, and, I believe, for you if you are a worship leader.

They are strong, yet humbly offered in the spirit of love and exhortation:

No! Don’t lose your faith vision – your physical vision will betray you into sadness.

Don’t stare at the losses! Lift your eyes to what God is doing – right here and right now! 

This is a unique, irreplaceable, remarkable, and unforgettable window in worship history – my worship history, your worship history, your church’s worship history, and in the world’s worship history across the globe and across time.

This season is pregnant with a gift that will not come around again. 

Worship has been stripped back to its essentials.

Our forms must change to serve our community, but the opportunity for everyone to get back to the essentials of worship in their lives is right in front of us.

Right in front of us. There it is. What has God put right in front of you, in your community, that you could affirm and fan into flame in the worship life of your church?

What if, on the other side of this season, your church re-emerged a more passionately worshipping community than ever before?

I’m asking the Lord to first help you see the opportunity in front of you, rather than the loss.

Then, I’m asking the Lord to inspire your creativity to meet the same need to worship together in unique and fresh ways.

A good cultural shake-up has always been a catalyst for renewal in intimate friendship with God in His Church.

How is God inviting you to lean into this precious window of renewal?

Every worship leader, and every church, will have different answers to that hard question. But if we will ask it, I believe we will receive revelation from the Spirit that forms the answer for our time, our place, and our people.

That is the word that came to me, for us, as lead worshippers in our generation.

How can you be a part of what God is doing right now, through the challenge that is the cultural moment we’re in?

I’m praying for you to see the part you’ve been invited to play.

Aslan is definitely, definitely, on the move.

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[Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash]

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