Today At The Two Week Certificate Course

Well, we’re full swing into our Two Week Intensive Certificate course at the Institute, and the group is an amazing collection of worship and creative leaders hailing from all over North America. Creative streams are already beginning to flow, and music fills the air in the liminal space of the Dominion Hill Centre.

After sharing our stories yesterday and continuing to recoup from jetlags, we enter into the festivities. Spiritual Director Lorna Jones, Historian Gregg Finley, David Ruis and myself will lead through the day.

The worlds of Ignatius, the Celts and essential worship theology (Wright and others) begin to open up to us, and we’ll begin the day with an ancient form of worship, Lectio Divina, and some contemporary worship.

If you would take the time to pray for us, just for a minute as you read this post, we’d be so grateful. Pray that a vanguard of worship artisans would rise in a living way in our midst, reaching into the past, engaging the present, and breathing in and on the future.

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