Two Week Update: Sessions with David Ruis

Our first week in the Intensive is going incredibly well. The grounds here are beautiful, and our learning community is going deep into so many aspects of creational theology, spiritual formation, worldview and worship. Fully alive, boy, fully alive.

David Ruis brings so much to the table as we explore the bigger story of creativity, justice, and a story that’s big enough for all human beings to live in, including Christians. There are moments I think that we all just want to stop, be silent for a time in the presence of God and the richness of ideas, and let it soak in. Today, our sessions are on Ignatian prayer, Celtic Spirituality, Creativity and Cultural Interface (Ruis) and tonight we party around the Planet Earth DVDs (creational theology).

We’re preparing as well for a weekend event with David Ruis and myself called FaceToFace for worship leaders, musicians and artists, and an evening concert with myself and David at the Gothic Arches.

I’ll try to keep you posted, but it’s a time thick with glory, authenticity and activity. The most amazing sounds arise from our group worshipping in songs together – the harmonies are so rich, so cool and the textures of hammered dulcimers, guitars and percussion fill the room.

What a privilege to do this. Thanks for praying for us as we go. Past, present and future – so much in so little time.

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