Vineyard East Worship Leader’s Gathering in Asheville, NC USA

annas-sweet-faceRight now I’m with my good friends at the Vineyard East Worship Leader’s Gathering in Asheville, NC USA.

Rich worship times are followed by small group gatherings, which are followed by nights at the pub and lots of belly laughter. This makes for a wonderful time together, methinks.

My joy in being here is overshadowed by my joy at seeing my oldest daughter, Anna, who lives 30 minutes from here as she does her last year of high school while living with her wonderful grandparents. It’s been 3 weeks since we simultaneously moved, and it will so good to see her again.

Please pray for these worship leaders. Every day, they offer themselves once again to the great privilege, and task, of worship leadership. Pray that they would be awake to God’s whispers in their lives, that they would be refreshed in the midst of their ongoing faithfulness, and that their creativity and sense of mission would be set on fire.

Thanks friends.

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