We Have LiftOff

What a beautiful crew is here for this Intensive. We’re all regaining our energy from travel slowly, and some renewing words from Peter Fitch on the Value Of Tradition and Judy Davids on the Self-Care Of The Leader have been a great seed bed for our two weeks together.

It’s been great to meet long distance friends like Kim Gentes face to face, and to have great pals Cindy Rethmeier, Monique Tute and Marc Pusch around. Heck, without going name by name, a great community is, and will be, slowly forming among us.

Every morning we’ll have MorningFire, a blend of contemporary and ancient worship practices, and today we have Lorna Jones leading us in Ignatian Prayer forms, and Gregg Finley on Celtic Spirituality & Concepts In Community.

As well, with all these creative people in one room, it won’t be long till the jammin’ and musickin’ rolls on and on. 5 nations among us as well, and that alone is a sweet experience.

It’s a gift to lead this Intensive, and it’s a privilege to be starting this Institute this year; it’s been a dream in seed form for so long, and now it’s quite startling to see, as I look around the room, the beginnings of what I trust will be a formative training forum for the Church across the world – and the streams of the Church.

Thanks for your prayers for us as you read this post. God is very near, and we sense His closeness.

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