Worship: Creatures Of Memory

One of the most significant remembrances that occurred in our Masters group this trip to Greece and Turkey was that human beings are creatures of memory, always looking for ways to make important ideas last.

Orthodox cathedrals, with every corner filled with paint, mark the importance of the lives of the martyrs in Meteorea. Bishop seats at the end of cave carved tables mark the importance of a spiritual leaders words to the community. Songs recall important biblical themes, illuminated manuscripts amplify their presence through art and embellishment.

Worship, as I often say, is in large part about memory – we rekindle the important in our minds through multi-media, and do so in ways that last generation to generation.

Remembering the gifts of friendship on this trip is my most important worship memory. People like our Masters students lead me to Jesus, and to thanks.

To all my blog friends who prayed for us this trip, thank you.

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