Learn 5 historic spiritual practices.

We’re in a time where being together is more important than ever—whether we gather live or online. See the events below to see what event is right for you at this season of your life. As new events and studies go live, they’ll be posted here. Below, check out Dan’s on-demand video study for groups!

A Well-Worn Path Study (on-demand)

A Well-Worn Path (on-demand study) is a 5-Session online, self-directed individual or group study in Christ-centered Spiritual Formation that will encourage you with vision for your own devotional life, provide you with sturdy, time-tested tools from across history for building intimacy with Christ, and strengthen your spirit with biblical teaching. 

You’ll need your Bible, a journal, a pen, and 30 minutes per week for 5-weeks; this study will deepen your journey with Jesus for years to come. Join today!

Change your habits, change your life.

“Learning is the lifelong vocation of the Christian. The Holy Spirit is always moving to lead us to the next place in our journey with Jesus—which sometimes is a very old place.” Join the email list for events to help you keep your walk with Jesus fresh and dynamic. 

Spiritual Habits & You (coming next)

Spiritual Habits & You (TBA, online workshop) is a 2-hour live workshop with author and educator Dan Wilt (Sheltering Mercy) is designed to lead you in experiences with personal habits, historic patterns of prayer, and practical ideas in Christ-centered spiritual formation that will help you stoke the flames of your own Spirit-filled faith. 

Come with your Bible, a journal, a pen, and your smart phone—for a 2-hour workshop that will impact your walk with Jesus for the years to come. Join today!

What Others Are Saying…

“This study provided a foundation for responding to the pandemic and the chaotic experiences and loss of control. It helped me center on the real foundation for living. I have utilized the study to encourage others to engage in the Daily Examen.”

Eldon, Spiritual Director, Carlisle, PA USA

“Whether I have found myself in the current of life or ministry, these ancient rhythms, like the Daily Examen, have been profoundly orienting in my journey with Jesus. Personally, these spiritual practices continue to stand the test of time and have weathered the seasons and paces of living. Dan draws from a deep well of experience, wisdom, and care that has been both formative and nourishing in the best way, I can’t recommend his work enough.”

Erika, Violinist, Writer, Mother of 3, Edmonton, AB CANADA

“Dan has been instrumental at several crucial turning points in my discipleship, revealing rich seams of thought and tradition without which I believe I would have given up a long time ago.”

Jesse, Worship Pastor, St. Andrews, Scotland UK

“Dan has been a consistent voice of encouragement and stretching in my life. Through his tutorship—particularly his poetic and practical imagination—I was able to bring all I was learning down to earth and into my body, where, in time, it began to flow out of me and into the life of my family and church communities.”

Ryan, Artist & Songwriter, Dallas, TX USA

Pastors & Leaders: How does this support your local vision for discipleship?

Discipleship takes on many forms in today’s world, and it’s often difficult for local churches to provide all the unique kinds of tools individual members need to navigate the pressures of daily life.

Dan brings a pastor’s heart to this on-demand study, partnering with you by providing a turn-key training study where participant’s learn spiritual practices online that will help them self-renew their faith on a daily basis.

With 30+ years of experience helping Christians develop a self-feeding faith, Dan will teach those in your congregation:

  • Daily rhythms for growing in intimacy with Jesus
  • Praying the Scriptures, with an emphasis on the Psalms (see Sheltering Mercy)
  • Worshipping Jesus within the context of daily life

Dan teaches on Christ-centered spiritual formation practices from history such as:

  • The Daily Examen (to help your prayer life)
  • Lectio Divina (to help you hear the Spirit in the Scriptures)
  • Sabbath (to help you learn God’s way of rest)
  • Silence/Solitude/Stillness (to help you center in an anxiety-ridden world)
  • Way of Life (to help you establish life rhythms around Kingdom values)

If you are a pastor or leader, you and your staff will see those who do the on-demand study:

  • Grow stronger in maintaining a self-renewing faith
  • Find peace in the midst of daily challenges
  • Experience the Holy Spirit in new ways outside of a Sunday morning

If are interested in having Dan lead a day-long event live or over a weekend in your church, click here for information.

About Dan

Dan Wilt is the co-author of Sheltering Mercy | Prayers Inspired by the Psalms and Endless Grace: Prayers Inspired by the Psalms (Brazos), and is a writer, speaker, worship leader, poet, songwriter, and encourager of Christians in many streams of the Church.

Over 30 years, Dan has impacted thousands in the US, UK, Canada, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and Brazil with his unique blend of Spirit-filled teaching and ancient-future faith. Drawing from many traditions of the Church, Dan explores topics such as finding our identity in the love of God, following the way of Jesus, worship, the Spirit-filled life, and creativity.

He is part of the Vineyard and Anglican communions of the Church, and has taught in conferences, university settings, seminaries, and churches across the world. Dan is a doctoral candidate at Asbury Theological Seminary in KY, USA and holds degrees from Messiah University (B.A. Religion and Philosophy), St. Stephen’s University (M.Min. Classical Christian Spirituality and Formation). He has also studied at the Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem (Notre Dame) and the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies.

Dan lives with his wife Anita outside of Nashville, TN, and they have three grown children.